Underwater World Langkawi

Underwater World Langkawi

Walk into the flamboyant world of color-splashed marine and aquatic life that awaits you at Underwater World Langkawi. If you had ever imagined yourself swimming through the streaks of water bodies and enjoying the company of marine creatures then you will definitely like this place. It is pretty easy to buy Underwater World Langkawi Tickets and the journey to this aquarium can be a trip to cherish too since this place is cradled in the beautiful archipelago of Langkawi, one of the Jewels of Malaysia.

So take a long dive into the world of Langkawi aquarium and enjoy walking through the beautifully planned and built sections where you won’t have a minute to even bat your eyelids. As soon as you step inside, you will be welcomed by freshwater species jumping around vivaciously as you pass them by. Thereafter, you can enjoy the playful activities of the wildlife creatures that will surround you in the artificially made tropical rainforest. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Underwater World Langkawi Tickets now if you are planning a traveling session to Malaysia and have the time of your life.

Zones at Underwater World Langkawi

The Underwater World Langkawi aquarium is an absolute delight for the kids and adults alike and there are many surprises waiting quietly inside for you. This aquarium that sprawls in over 6.2 hectares of land has mainly three subsections and many other zones to let you enjoy and educate yourself about the marine and freshwater species.

From gigantic walkthrough tunnels to freshwater fish tanks to tropical rainforest regions, this aquarium has a lot to offer to all the marine wildlife enthusiasts. There are also educational sessions and short 3D movie displays within the aquarium to extend its support towards learning and raising awareness about marine life. This aquarium is a special delight for kids as they can go on a venture to find their favorite “Nemo” or clown fish and also look closely at the moves of dancing seals and hopping penguins.

1) Preview Tank

This is the first tank that you will find in the exhibits of Langkawi Aquarium. Here you will find Tapah Fish, freshwater stingrays and Arapaima, also known as Jurassic Fish, which is the largest freshwater fish of the world. You’ll be surprised to know that these fishes caan grow over 8 feet in length and can be easily observed and studied in this aquarium.

2) River Ecosystem

This is an artificially made system of 3 interconnected tanks that are based on the concept of flowing river connection. This tank, like the preview tank, displays many freshwater species of fishes from all around the world, ranging from Amazon to Africa and from North America to South east Asia and Australia.

3) Tropical Rainforest

This is an aviary of sorts and is built in a walk through fashion so that the visitors can easily have the fun of experiencing the ecosystem of the tropical rainforest themselves. Here you will find playfully elegant flamingoes, Ruddy Shelduck and Pheasant. There are a number of tropical birds such as Doves, cockatoo and Macaws.

4) Temperate Section

Here you will find the playfully dancing fur seals and African penguins. This is a 8 meter long tunnel that will enable you to see these majestic swimmers in full action.

5) Sub-Antarctic Section

Awaiting the visitors here are the famous Rockhopper Penguins which are the star of the show. They have this peculiar behavior of hopping from rock to rock and are the smallest species of the crested penguins.

6) Hexagonal Tank

This tank is ducked out akin to a waste shipwreck and has various marine fishes to look at. Here, you can see the Lords of the sea and Sharks one to one and is perhaps the only place where you can be at ease even when knowing that a shark is pointing its fin towards you.

7) Tunnel Tank

The walkthrough tunnel tank is an absolute delight to look at. The feeling of being underwater while watching the marine life slide by you quietly is worth every penny that you spend here on Underwater World Langkawi Tickets. Here, you can have the first hand experience of many species that come hovering over you and then later watch them in their originally designed artificial habitats.

8) Koi Pond

Accentuated by the sound of cascading waterfall and set in vibrant outdoor lush tropical scenery is this koi pond which houses the famous Japanese carps along with cichlids and sultan fish.

9) Invertebrate Section

This section houses the invertebrates from Southeast Asia such as knight goby, devil damsels, mudskippers, japanese mitten lobsters etc.

10) Coral Reef Section

This might be the most colorful section of the Underwater World Langkawi. This is the live example of the living treasure of the marine ecosystem and presents a symbiotic relationship between the corals andmany marine fishes such as the clown fish, wrasse and damsels.

11) Venomous & Poisonous Section

As the name suggests, this section is home to various venomous species like snakes and moray eels that can prove to be deadly when played with.

Attractions Near Underwater World Langkawi

You might be worried that your kids or family might get bored with only an aquarium tour or may think that it is simply too much to spend on if you can merely watch the fishes swim by and not take a dip yourself. Now put an end to all those thoughts, for there are umpteen number of options near Langkawi aquarium to have fun at. Enjoy a number of things to do in Langkawi.

1) Pantai Cenang

If you like the idea of trails of white sands carpeted right under your feet, then Pantai Cenang beach is just the right place for you. This stretch of 2km long white sandy beach located on the shoreline of Langkawi island will definitely leave a lingering memory in your heart.

This is one of the most loved places of this island so if you are planning a tour here, then this family friendly beach is the right choice for you to spend some quality time after your tour to the Langkawi aquarium.

2) Tengah Beach

The serenity of cyan coloured water sprawling till the horizon combined with the thrill of watersports and pepped up by the solace of being separated from the crowd- this is the visual imagery of Tengah Beach.

It is an escape for those who absolutely love the sandy beaches but are not so in love with the crowd that entails those beaches. This beach has as many options for resorts and water activities as the Pantai Cenang Beach minus the hullabaloo of the crowd. There are various restaurants to relish on multiple cuisines from all around the world too.

3) Beras Basah Island

In your next island hopping destination when you visit the Langkawi Aquarium, keep Beras Basah Island as part of a retro-feel touring option where you get to enjoy all the options of the Cenang beach without the urbanized options of many restaurants and resorts.

This island stands as the untouched, raw beach with sugary white sand stretches which will take you on a time travel journey of sorts. You can enjoy serene views while relaxing at the beach or try going snorkeling too.

4) Pulau Tuba

Do you like the idea of fishermen going fishing in their humble boats and would like to experience the laid back lifestyle of a remote uninhabited island? Then Pulau Tuba is the place to go. It is the only other uninhabited island of Malaysia other than Langkawi so you will have very limited options for refreshments and stay.

5) Beras Terbakar

This literally means Field of Burnt Rice and although this place has no special sightseeing opportunities, it has that deep hint of history hanging in the air all over the place. This place is the testimony of treachery and loyalty- a treachery which led to the curse of Mahsuri, a sweet maiden lady who was falsely accused by her own mother in law of committing adultery.

She cursed the island to suffer 7 generations of acute misfortune as a result of which, the folklore says, the Siamese attacked and grabbed a foothold of Langkawi and this incident of burning the paddy harvest took place which was meant to prevent them from gaining full control of the island.

Tips To Visit Underwater World Langkawi

  • Langkawi Underwater Aquarium is a must visit place if your family or kids absolutely hate the scorching and humid heat of the archipelago.

  • At the cost of one single price of those Underwater World Langkawi Tickets, you are allowed to spend a maximum of 3 hours exploring and having fun with the various marine and freshwater creatures.

  • You don’t need to worry about touring this place if you have disability issues since escalators and wheelchairs will make your tour inevitably smooth.

  • Are you a photography lover? Then take as many pictures as you want. Just make sure you shut down the flash of your camera so as not to disturb the animals. Also, since it is mostly dark inside, use a wide aperture fast zooming lens to capture the wildlife.

  • Maintain the etiquettes and avoid tapping at the glass or making excessive noises at the aquarium.

FAQ's of Underwater World Langkawi

What is the location of Underwater World Langkawi?

Ans. Underwater World Langkawi is located at Jalan Pantai Chenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.

What is the timings for Underwater World Langkawi?

Ans. Timings for Underwater World Langkawi Aquarium are 10 am to 6pm on normal exhibition days and 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on public holidays.

Which are the different marine species in Underwater World Langkawi Aquarium?

Ans. There are various sections in Underwater World Langkawi Aquarium to house various species of animals and plants. If you thrive for marine life, then you can head straight towards the marine life section of the Underwater World Langkawi.- Sharks- Giant Stingrays- Jellyfish- Sea horse- Sea dragons- Red tailed catfish- Orange spotted stingrays- Harbour Seals- Arpaima - Rockhopper Penguins- Clownfish - Damsel- Wrasse- Turtles.

What is the best time to visit the Underwater World Langkawi Aquarium?

You can visit the Underwater World at any time of the day during the visiting hours and have as much fun as you want. Still, the feeding time, especially the feeding time for rockhopper penguins is the best time to visit Underwater World Langkawi. So remember to drop by either at 11:15 am or by 3 pm to watch the delightful feeding sessions.

Why is Underwater World Langkawi so popular?

This aquarium is so popular and buying Underwater World Langkawi online tickets is very common. This is because Langkawi is South East Asia’s one of the biggest underwater aquariums and houses over 200 water species to enjoy.

What is the feeding time at Underwater World Langkawi?

If you like feeding the animals, then you can take part in the animal feeding session which is organized everyday starting at 11 am. Consecutive feeding sessions are held 5 times in the day thereafter at 11:15 am, then at 2:30 pm. Post 2.340 pm, feeding sessions are held every 15 minutes till 3pm. After that, the last feeding session is conducted at 3:30 pm.

How to reach Underwater World Langkawi?

  • By Road- Take a bus from Langkawi City Center to the aquarium, or take the route of the Zon Duty free area in order to reach the Underwater World.
  • By Jetty- You can reach the aquarium through the route of a jetty after buying Underwater World Langkawi online ticket. Jettys are available to and fro Kuah town and Ferry Pier. It takes around 30 to 50 minutes to reach there and thereafter you need to take a private cab from Kuah town to reach the aquarium.

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