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Underwater World Langkawi

Underwater World Langkawi, Malaysia's top tourist hotspot, allows travelers to explore the fascinating world of deep marine animals. Visitors should take full advantage of the passageway, which really is home to a multitude of huge fish and aquatic organisms, at Southeast Asia's largest fresh and saltwater aquarium. When it was first inaugurated in August 1995, the Underwater World Langkawi drew a huge proportion of locals and foreign visitors. This facility's mission has always been to encourage information, education, and fun. As a result, foreign travelers as well as people with children are drawn to the aquatic world.The gigantic 15 meter long walk through tube is unique to Underwater World Langkawi and is home to numerous big fish and aquatic creatures, including the Giant Green Turtle. It is loaded with 5,00,000 liters of seawater. Other attractions include the Freshwater Fish Section, Seashell Display, and Koi Pond. Invite the entire gang to Underwater World Langkawi for another day of fun with the Underwater World Langkawi Tickets.

Book Underwater World Langkawi Tickets Online

Plan to visit to Underwater World Langkawi, one of the country's largest aquariums, discover all the wonders that lie underneath Malaysia's bright blue oceans. Get to see all these vivid and diverse aquatic creatures with the Underwater World Langkawi Online Tickets. Book your tickets online to avoid the long waiting lines at the ticket counter. Get to the fun immediately without delay with the skip the line tickets. With Thrillophilia, book an experience, not just a trip. Get combo deals and great discounts on your Underwater World Langkawi online to get these exciting deals today!

Underwater World Langkawi Tickets Highlights

  • Explore the various different zones of the Underwater World Langkawi and get to meet numerous aquatic creatures of a variety of species with the Underwater World Langkawi Tickets.
  • Stand inside the 15 meter long tunnel and get mesmerized by the various fishes swimming around you.
  • Have fun taking creative photographs all around the Underwater World Langkawi which provides fantastic photograph opportunities.
  • Attract the African Penguins using brightly colored phones and play with these adorable creatures.
  • Watch a variety of birds as well, including the vibrant Cockatoo and the majestic Macau.
  • Take souvenirs home back for your entire family from the Underwater World Langkawi gift shop.
  • Give a treat to your taste buds with the in house restaurant known as Neptune Cafe.

Why to Book Underwater World Langkawi Tickets Online?

Underwater world Langkawi has a lot to offer, hence purchasing the Underwater World Langkawi Tickets will open your doors to a whole new realm of amusement and entertainment. With the Underwater World Langkawi Online Tickets, you will be able to make your entire trip to the establishment hassle free and more convenient.

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  • Convenience/ Ease:
    Get combo Underwater World Langkawi tickets and explore more than just the Underwater World Langkawi. You could opt for a city tour and see all the major highlights of Dubai at a discounted price and just with one ticket. Make your entire trip to Dubai hassle free with your combo deals.

Main Sections To Visit Underwater world Langkawi

Tropical Rainforest & River Ecosystem
Temperate & Sub-Antarctic Section
  • With its own walk in aviary, Tropical Rainforest is sure to provide visitors with a thrilling adventure.
  • This Underwater World Langkawi Zone is home to a variety of birds that excite visitors, including Flamingos, Ruddy Shelduck, and Pheasants.
  • Then there's the Cockatoo, Dove, Macaw, Knife fish, Giant Gourami, Arowana, and Marmoset galleries.
  • The River Ecosystem is a lively display that showcases a variety of freshwater organisms.
  • In this section, visitors may see species from Southeast Asia, the Amazon, Africa, North America, and Australia.
  • Tropical Garfish, Albino Patin, Bala Shark, and Red Tailed Catfish are just a few of the several fish on display.
  • Several reptiles, like the Chinese Water Dragon and the Indonesian Blue Tongued Skink, are all on show in specifically adapted tanks.
  • The Underwater World Langkawi's Temperate Section includes an 8 meter long passage filled with cute African Penguins.
  • While standing in the middle of the Tunnel observing them, you'll be seeing them glide everywhere around you.
  • In the Temperate Section, the man made ecosystem is nearly identical to their natural environment.
  • The Sub Antarctic Section is the primary attraction of Underwater World Langkawi.
  • The Rockhopper Penguins, the institution's most popular creatures, are featured in this section.
  • They are the tiniest of the crested penguin species, and as a result, they are sure to take your breath away.

Know Before You Book Underwater World Langkawi Tickets

Essential Info
How to reach
What to Bring

Even though it is open throughout the year, and early morning to evening, it is advised that you visit the Underwater World Langkawi on a weekday instead of a weekend. There is a lot of rush during the weekend, hence it won't be an enjoyable time for a visit. In the early afternoon, the establishment is relatively empty, allowing you to have a great time with your entire family.

  • Operating TimingUnderwater World Langkawi is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. It is open from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. during the school/public holidays.

  • LocationJalan Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

  • Food & drinkThe Underwater World Langkawi has an in-house restaurant called Neptune Cafe. Upon your journey to the Underwater World Langkawi, you may also get fast food or some refreshing beverages. Food from the outside is not permitted. You may, however, bring a bottle of water with you.

  • By Car - If you want to enjoy the long trip and be charmed by Langkawi's beautiful scenery, you may take the route. You may either hire a cab or a taxi to take you straight to the location, or take the bus from Langkawi City Center to Coco Valley or Zon Duty Free Zone.

  • By Bike - Travel to the Underwater World Langkawi using bikes. There’s absolutely free entry for parking of bikes and scooters in the main parking lot.

  • By Cab - Hire a cab directly from your hotel. You will be dropped directly at the main entrance, hence your visit will be hassle free. However, the fares will be higher than public transport

Do not forget to bring your camera into the Underwater World Langkawi. The photograph opportunities are great, hence bringing your camera is essential. Bring a water bottle with you because you will be here for at least 3-4 hours. Another little idea is to bring a bright phone cover with you, as this will assist you to attract and interact with the African Penguins.

FAQs for Underwater World Langkawi Tickets

How much is the Underwater World Langkawi tickets price?

The Underwater World Langkawi tickets would cost you around 40 MYR - 50 MYR. It is different for adults and kids. It is also a different price for the senior citizens.

Are Underwater World Langkawi tickets discounts available?

Yes, huge discounts are available on Underwater World Langkawi tickets. There are discounts available on adult, children and senior citizen tickets as well. If you purchase the Underwater World Langkawi tickets online, you will be subjected to even better deals and discounts.

Should I buy Underwater World Langkawi tickets in advance?

Yes, you should definitely consider buying Underwater World Langkawi tickets online. You will get great combo deals, as well as great discounts which will make you save a lot on your trip to the establishment. It will help you skip the long waiting lines and get directly to the attractions without wasting any time.

What is included in Underwater World Langkawi tickets?

The Underwater World Langkawi tickets get you access to all the attractions provided by the establishment. You will also get entry into the in house gift shops and the in house restaurants. You will be able to take great photographs inside the premises and then again with your skip the line tickets, you will be able to get direct entry to the attractions without having to wait in the waiting lines at the same Underwater World Langkawi price.

What is the validity for Underwater World Langkawi tickets?

The Underwater World Langkawi tickets are valid for about 60 days or two months. A visit within the time frame will get you access to all the attractions of the establishment.

Are Underwater World Langkawi tickets refundable?

No, the Underwater World Langkawi tickets are non refundable. Hence, cancellation would not enable you to get your money back and would end up being a loss.

Is the Underwater World Langkawi ticket price the same for all?

No, Underwater World Langkawi prices are not similar for everyone. Because of numerous discounts, people who buy it online will save money. Children (3-12 years old) and adults have different prices. Senior folks (those over the age of 50) receive a special discount. You may get extra savings with MyKad as well.

What are the other things to do in Langkawi?

There are many things to do in Langkawi:

  • Walk at Langkawi Sky Bridge
  • Take a Ride on Langkawi Cable Car
  • Enjoy at Skytrax Adventure Langkawi
  • Water Sports at Pantai Cenang in Langkawi
  • Langkawi Jet Ski Island Hopping
  • Visit Dataran Lang
  • Explore Dayang Bunting Island
  • Snorkelling at Payar Island

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